The Lipstick Customer.

This will be the precursor to so many more posts because there seems to be “crazy lady lipstick” stories every day.

When we see someone (especially if it’s an older woman….for some reason they are the worst) hunched over scrutinizing the lipstick unit squinting their eyes for the perfect color and they now have over 12 lipstick stripes over their hand of course not knowing what any of them are…..we are sure to avoid that customer for as painstakingly long as possible. Oh we have our tricks for avoidance….”ummm … and so…..can you help that customer over there because I’m busy helping this customer.” Especially if they need to match exactly the color that is in their hand from some drugstore discontinued shade while saying “Why do they always do this to me….they always discontinue my favorite shade” (as if the company personally did this to them).

I mean even if you get pretty close that should be good enough in a perfect world. Oh, but we don’t live in a perfect world. You just need to let them browse, because whatever you show them, it’s just not the right one. So before you pull your hair out from this insanity I always say “Here I will let you look…..I need to check on my other customer and be right back” therefore letting them know there are other customers and they are not the only ones in the world right now and if you are being so particular I’m sure you will have better luck finding it than me with all my wrong choices.

Because let me tell you….I know I’m not colorblind…but they will see orange in a true red….pink in a peach…….coral in a nude…..and brown in a plum. At that point is when you tell yourself…..Step away from the counter.

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2 Responses to The Lipstick Customer.

  1. haha that a is cute story! Sorry, anyone of those could be my mother lol. I struggle with lipstick colour too. I love red. Like the 80’s red, but unless it’s halloween I can never wear it anymore because it is simply not in style (and not appropriate for PAC/PTA meetings). So I buy lightly shaded lip stain so that I won’t end up like my mother LOL.

    • makingup3000 says:

      Red is always in style. It just depends on where you’re wearing it to. I agree with you, it’s a little much for the PTA meeting but great for parties and group pictures. So here’s a tip if you are afraid and want it subtle. Just use your finger to smudge it on lightly and even do a little gloss over it. Then it’s not so dramatic.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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