Please, not those 3 words….

3 words we hate to hear. “You’re the expert”. Let me tell you why. First of all, they usually don’t want to hear what you think. They just act like they do and then challenge you.

Second of all….I think it’s just a knee jerk response.  Like, “I don’t know anything about makeup…you tell me. You’re the expert”…and then they really do know everything about makeup and have a lot to say about it. And then we hear a lot of “hmmms” and “really’s”.

Third of all….yes we are the expert. We do it all day long…..all week long….all year long 24/7 it seems like.  So don’t pretend you are just because you put on makeup everyday. And we hear at least 10 times a day …..”I should get a job here because I have so much makeup”. Well that doesn’t entitle you to get a job here. I’m sure we have so much more as we are given boat loads for free, but that does not entitle you to be the makeup expert. However, just because we are the so called expert (or at least we try to be ) doesn’t mean we know everything  and we continue to learn everyday about so many different facets of life from products and people to application, beautifying and every thing in between.  Just when you think you know it all…you don’t.

Most of the times it’s like 20 questions just to make sure we’re on the right track and on the same page. So if they are looking at lipsticks and you hear the “I don’t know…’re the expert….you tell me”. And then you tell them a color you think will look good on them…they are sure to say…..”Oh, I don’t look good in pinks”. So you pick another random color you love and will hear the same thing until they pull out an old worn down discolored grimy old lipstick tube from the pit of  their purse and say they want something close to that one. “Really? So you actually wanted the color similar to what you all ready had?” Not the one that I picked even though I’m the expert like you say.

Same with any product. Eyeshadows. “You’re the expert. What will bring my eyes out?” Sure enough, as soon as you pick something out either they all ready have something like that at home or they just don’t like those colors. Which is why we ask so many questions to find out what is the customer really looking for. A lot of questions will save you so much time. “Before I put these on you do you have anything like this at home?” “Are you looking for everyday colors or going out colors?” “Did you want to get some eyeshadows today?” Because they may just want to quiz you to see what you will say before they reply with “o.k. thanks” and walk away thereby wasting your valuable time because they don’t have any valuable time. Trust me it really does happen.

So please don’t say “You’re the expert” unless you really want to try on a new shade and you really do want to listen to what we have to say and be serious about purchasing a new shade instead of trying to see how many minutes you can try to be funny with us while serious customers are trying so hard to be patient so they can actually get help in making their purchase.

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2 Responses to Please, not those 3 words….

  1. chippunk says:

    I just went to a cosmetics counter today so I could film a makeover for my journalism class. The entire time, the adviser kept asking me what colors I typically use, and by the end she had created almost exactly the same look I usually wear. Perhaps I should have told her that she had free reign because she’s the expert! 🙂

    • makingup3000 says:

      Yep, I suppose someone could also blog about bad experiences with makeup artists too. But if you really let us have free reign….we love it…..especially if you love it.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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