She’s big, she’s black, she’s beautiful and she works with me. We don’t need to say anything to each other to communicate, we only have to look at each other and know the situation and what is going down. So when she bumps me and I stumble or  elbows me and nudges me out of the way, (not that she’s bumping me hard….she’s just a lot bigger than me)  she’s actually telling me something- so I don’t look at her as much as I listen to what’s happening then give her the “Oh no, you’ve got a live one”  glance. You would almost think we have a secret language between the looks, phrases and nudges. Which in a way,  I guess we do.

You know if she is in a bad mood even when she tries not to be. But we like to top each other with…”you’ll never guess what that customer just asked me”- ” oh, no, you’ll never guess what just happened to me” trying to outdo each other. Mostly it’s all how you tell the story and who “one ups” the other person  and I like to shake my finger back and forth for more emphasis. We usually end up laughing saying ” well, they’re all crazy!!”

Got to have a little “Taneisha” in your life.

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