Neurotic old ladies aren’t all that bad.

She’s a regular customer….maybe around 70 years old but looks a few years younger with her cool, trendy, short, spiky hairdo and surprised eyebrow expression facelift. I like when she comes in because she always stocks up on her makeup. She says… “I know I’m neurotic” and I tell her she’s not. She looks at me suprised…well, she always looks that way…so I’m not sure, and then she tells me a neurotic story and in my head I’m like, “Okay, maybe she is a little neurotic but not in an annoying way.” Most of the times she comes in by herself and sometimes she comes in with her daughter her looks to be around 40 something. Today as they were paying she started to say a little too much about her daughter’s kids and the daughter whisked her away so fast…..”Come on Mom!” ….she said so sternly that I am now dying to hear more and can’t wait for her to come back. I love that crazy neurotic lady.

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