Black Friday 2010

Who ever invented “Black Friday” must of been evil. Even the label “Black Friday” screams ominous, darkness, wretchedness and shallow depths of misery. And to many it is. But to others it means “sales, deals, bargains and shop til’ you drop fun, fun, fun”. For me it means going to work way to early with a “starbucks latte” tucked away in a drawer sneakily taking sips every couple minutes hoping that the caffeine will be kicking in as I’m trying to be in my best effervescent  bubbly mood to handle any crazed out of their mind customer that comes my way. Lucky for us….cosmetics never go on sale. I said Never. Nunca. Nie.  Mai. Ne jamais. Na. and 从来没有.  That’s Chinese for never…thank you Google translator. Because I can’t tell you how many customers came up today in a frenzied quick panic to ask what do we have on sale. Kind of all of them sounded like this.

Crazy Customer:”Hi, do you have any thing on sale or any door busters?”

Calm retail person: “Well, we don’t have any thing on sale….but we do have some great specials on some sets that are a great deal. What are you looking for”

CC: “I don’t know. Just something on sale. Do you take any of these coupons?” Hands open to reveal a multitude of scrunched up % off coupons.

CRP: “I’m sorry. We never take coupons. On the back it says they exclude cosmetics. And cosmetics never go on sale. Did you want to look at some of these sets that are a great deal?” Because we have anything you could ever want in a set at this time of the year.

CC: “No…I’ll just come back later”

So if you can repeat this same scenario with sometimes a little variation all through out the day you may see the corners of my mouth start to ever so slightly quiver by the end of the day…..repeating…..”Cosmetics never go on sale.” Never! I think I covered most of the languages.

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