Saffron…..the earthy artist.

Seriously…who names their kid “Saffron”? She’s the older hippie/new wave/new age/club girl from the eighties and nineties who is now married and named her kids Sky and Rayne, (more quirky names) and still loves all the eccentricities  of hair and makeup.

When you least expect it,  something crazy  comes out of her mouth …. and it shoots out with a deadpan glaze to see if anyone is listening. I think she’ll be there till she is walking around with a cane and orthopedic shoes. You think she doesn’t know how to do makeup because she’s a little older but she actually is one of the most awesome, flawless artists around . She tells customers to “sit down” in a stern voice and then chills while she creates the most perfect look. By the time they leave they don’t know what happened to them except they’ve never looked better.

Variety….and Saffron are the spice of life.

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4 Responses to Saffron…..the earthy artist.

  1. I love this blog – it’s such fun to catch a glimpse of life behind the make-up counter!

  2. Ahhhh, i wish i had one of those in my bathroom cupboard. Every morning i could just whip her out, and then pack her back away!!!

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