All I want for Christmas is………Mascara?


Really? O.K. We are crazy busy. So when I see a Mom pushing a stroller with a baby/toddler I know they just want their stuff and get out fast before a “situation” arises. And I know I can do that. So when Mom starts asking me all the differences between the 12 tubes of mascaras and I’m telling her what they all do and the price and while we agree on  which one she wants as I’m ready to go pull it she says “O.K. Now I know what to ask Santa for?” Really?

  1. Is that really what you are going to ask Santa for? A mascara? If that is for real and it’s all you can afford I truly apologize and shame on me. Bad me for thinking bad thoughts. But……
  2. If you were just wasting my time because you felt like it….thanks a lot.
  3. If you didn’t like the price……just be honest and say so …..I get it. Because trust me….we like honesty more than the made up lies which we hear all the time why you aren’t getting something. We understand the budget thing.
  4. Trust me…..if you tell your husband to get it chances are…….you don’t remember the name so don’t expect him to come to the counter and know which one it is while he makes a fool out of himself and feels embarrassed because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about nor does he pretend to know. That’s another post about these poor guys that have to come to the counter.

Believe me ……I am not asking for mascara for Christmas.

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One Response to All I want for Christmas is………Mascara?

  1. I completely agree……just be honest. “I dont have the money for that!!!”

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