10 things you don’t do at Christmas time when we are jam packed!!!

  1. If you see me running around the counter don’t ask “are you busy?” Of course I’m busy. I’m not sitting back in a lounge chair kicking my feet up watching the grass grow.
  2. If I’m helping 3 people at once please don’t stop me and ask me to help you pick a perfect lipstick color that will go good with your skin tone. If you don’t know by now you may never know and you can see that everyone else really does know what they want and just want to be rung up and get out of there.
  3. Don’t …..repeat don’t (this will be another post) bring your kids to the counter and let them run around around like crazy, spin the makeup chairs around in circles and knock over all the eyeshadows because they think they look like dominoes and then not bother to help pick them up. We don’t think they’re that cute.
  4. Ask us to do your eyes only to say you’ll think about it and walk away without buying a thing…….again there are other customers all around who sincerely want to buy some things. Do you really think we are there to play with makeup and never sell a thing?
  5. Ask for something specific only to tell me all about the stuff you bought last week, (it’s always a boatload) so you think you’ll come back for it next week but it may not be here next week which I’m sure you’ll be upset because you didn’t buy it  when you asked me about it. Do I really care about all the stuff you bought last week? You can’t imagine how often I hear that and it doesn’t mean a thing to me.
  6. Can I pay my bill here? When my hands are full of makeup trying to juggle multiple customers. Dang……pay online bills….it is the 20th century. Which brings me to #7.
  7. What’s with the checks? It’s always the people that write a check that wait till the last minute after you have rang everything up they have to fish through their purse for a few minutes to find their check book, then ask you for a pen, then ask you for the amount a few times and then after they give it to you….wait…. what was the check number on that? You couldn’t of signed everything except the amount while I was ringing that up? Seriously, 20th century people.
  8. While I am talking to a customer don’t interrupt me to ask me where the bathroom is.  First of all, it’s rude to interrupt. Second of all, well…..it’s just plain rude to inerrupt!!!! and third of all…..just follow the damn signs.
  9. When you ask questions about makeup and you decide you don’t want it for whatever reason….please say thank you for your help or answers instead of turning around and just walking away without saying anything. That’s rude too. Why do so many people not have good manners?
  10. And please…..please……don’t ask me for a makeover or do smoky eyes when we are slammed at the counter 10 people deep. Either make an appointment or come back on a slow day when we have time to experiment and play and teach. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

There……I feel a little better now.

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One Response to 10 things you don’t do at Christmas time when we are jam packed!!!

  1. I work in retail and feel like I have so many of the same “don’t”s I wish I could share with all of my clients. really! people are crazy these days!

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