My New Years Resolutions…Pshaw.

  1. I promise to come in with a smile on my face and try not to cringe the first time I hear “What colors look good with (insert color of your eyes here) eyes?”
  2. I will not dodge you if you are holding a sponge or sharpener in your hand…….maybe.
  3. I will not run away from the counter if I see you standing there holding a bag with your returns.
  4. I will not try to pass you off when you ask me if I have time to do your makeup unless I really do have to go to lunch/take a break/or suddenly have to prepare to go home.
  5. I will try my hardest not to laugh when you pronounce words wrong like “cosealer” instead of “concealer”.
  6. I will also try my hardest to smile at your kids and tell you how cute they are as they are interrupting every other word that comes between us so we can’t have a conversation  and asking if they can try on everything.
  7. I promise to not look “bugged” when you ask me if I’m busy. I’m always busy….but I will stop what I’m doing to help you unless of course you can clearly see me talking to another customer and or applying makeup on them.
  8. I will not look at my watch and try to finish your sentence as you are trying to explain what you are asking for while miming with your hands to your face what you  want because you don’t know the names of anything that you wear.
  9. I will not roll my eyes at my coworkers behind your back when you ask what can you get for free if you buy something…..this is not a swap meet.
  10. Oh  yeah…..I promise to lose 10 pounds, pay off my credit card, exercise 5 days a week and have a glass of wine every night when I come home from my glorious day at work where boredom never enters my vocabulary. I think you know which one I can actually fulfill.
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6 Responses to My New Years Resolutions…Pshaw.

  1. emjayandthem says:

    Hilarious! My favorite? #10 … good luck to you on that list 😉 Peace!

  2. territerri says:

    My job involves customer service too, and I can relate in many ways! I promise I won’t fault you if you fail to live up to all of these resolutions. Sometimes a good eyeroll is all you need to relieve some of the job stress!

    • makingup3000 says:

      Thank you very much….I just have to be careful and not get caught doing it through the mirrors. That’s why I do it in my head a lot. haha.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Katie says:

    The Wine always Wins. Love your blog. xo

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