The Full Moon brings out the Crazies!!

I remember how a nurse once told me that she knew when there was a full moon because it was utter chaos and craziness  in the emergency room. One patient to the next would get more nutty and loony as the night went on.

Well guess what? We can tell too when there is a full moon and all the crazy customers come in. We use our code words quite a bit at this time. Maybe it was the wild crazed look in her eyes and her too out of control unruly eyebrows that should of been tweezed before she came in  looking for her full face makeover . Or maybe it was the two shopping bags full of “blue Smurf plush dolls” that caught me a little off guard. It definitely was the opening of her purse only to have her Prozac and Zoloft come tumbling out onto the floor and her purse looking a little mini hoarderish. (Sorry for the made up words which if you read my posts I can’t help but do). I felt myself getting caught up her in quick rambling of words and how she believes everyone else is crazy or bitchy when in fact she was a little deranged herself and I just kept going on my merry little way of applying her makeup as fast as I could and sprinkling glitter in her hair because maybe she really was in a fantasy world.

Let me just insert something here real quick. We don’t just do free makeovers all day on anyone that wants to come to the counter and look pretty. How would the companies make any money? Some have a three product minimum, a $50.00 or $75.00 purchase of cosmetics or a flat service fee as if you were going to a salon. Simple enough. If you think any different and that we are here to stand all day on our feet to offer our services for free then honestly you are pretty darn stupid or just plain ignorant. And let me tell you….there are people who think just that.

Having said that when we were done with the makeover and she picked out a few things that met her obligation and went to the counter to pay, her credit card did not through. We called the authorization department  and it’s a “no go”. She said she didn’t have any other cards or money and asked what should she do. She said she could go home and ask her mother for money and come back to pay for everything. Dang….what 40 year old pulls that crap and don’t take me for a fool please because I just spent a long time making your crazy ass face look awesome. She then pulled out another bank card (even though she had just told me she didn’t have any other cards) and it’s not  going through either.

Here’s where I got her. Oh yes I did. I told her she couldn’t leave the store with the fake eyelashes I had glued on to her eyelids. I would have to take them off and when she came back with the money (It was starting to sound like hostage negotiations~give me the money and the lashes won’t get hurt) I would glue them back on because that would be like taking merchandise out the store without paying for it. Slowly but surely she gave up those goofy Blue Smurf dolls returning them to her store credit card so she could then pay for her makeup and service and legitimately leave the store.  Whew!!! That was a close one.

30 more days till the next full moon.

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6 Responses to The Full Moon brings out the Crazies!!

  1. emjayandthem says:

    There’s a country song that goes something like this, “God is great, beer is good, and …people are crazy.” It started playing in my head when I read this story. Blue Smurf dolls? You can’t make this stuff up!! I have never had my makeup professionally applied but you’ve surely given me much to consider … great post 🙂 Cheers .. MJ

  2. halfwayto50 says:

    Funy blog!! As a teacher, I can also vouch for crazy behavior due to a full moon. The kids in my class are off the wall when there’s a full moon! I don’t follow the moon phases carefully (maybe I should…) but if the kids are nuts, I can rest assured that it is due to the moon 🙂

  3. lilyisatig3r says:

    Oh my, that’s just hilarious in a highly sad way. I can see now, why MAC makes you pay $50 in advance for any of their fancy pants events so they don’t have to worry about it 😛

    She sounds like a wacko. Thank you moon!

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