Butt Dialing? Who knew? Cell phone accidents.

Sitting in the back office/stockroom Gita was on a roll talking about her personal and intimate escapade with her latest conquest that make you slightly uncomfortable but uncontrollably laughing all at the same moment. When she got off her chair she realized she had been sitting on her phone and the phone had accidentally called “him”. Her phone rang about 30 seconds later only to inform her that her latest conquest had heard everything and that she had accidentally “butt dialed” him. Sorry, but I have never heard that before and when I try to conjure up that image in my busy little head I can’t even envision it. How is that even possible? I get that every digit was not dialed and it must have been one touch dialing but even that seems a little difficult. So lesson learned. Make sure your phone is somewhere that it can not accidentally call someone at any random time to hear any inappropriateĀ conversation that you intended for no one else to hear.

On a side note, the next escapade lasted longer that 30 seconds so maybe it was a good thing he heard it.

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3 Responses to Butt Dialing? Who knew? Cell phone accidents.

  1. This is one of my greatest fears. I never do this, but my wife does, and I’m afraid someone is going to hear snippets of our conversation about them.

    • makingup3000 says:

      That is one of my fears too and I have done that but luckily was not saying anything bad about that person who heard it. So goes the lesson-“if you don’t have anything good to say about someone….don’t say it”, they could be listening to your phone conversation. Haha.

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