Forget the makeover….how ’bout a makeunder!!!

Sometimes customers come to the counter and  have so much makeup spackled on that even we are afraid of them. It can be focus lips that are lined so dark with too light of a lip color you’d think they stepped out of a Playboy photo shoot where they are trying to do the “sexy pout” but really is “epic fail”. Or the ones who try to do the smoky eye but forgot to blend so it ends up looking like two scary black holes with super arched drawn in Baby Jane eyebrows and crazy clumpy black lashes trying to compete with the rest of the eye because the more the shadow, the more the mascara.

crazy makeupThey know what they  want when they come to the counter and they think they’re “da bomb”. I guess they get stuck in something from the past or maybe they’re trying to cover up something. Sometimes it’s so eccentric it’s just dang  freakin’ frightening. You can’t say “I love your makeup” when it’s so hideous. And when you try to do something more natural on them….they just can’t wrap their head around it no matter how many people tell them it looks so much better now… and well….not like a crazy lady. How do you politely tell someone they need a “makeunder”?

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