Prom Season is here! Let the teenage angst begin.

Yep, every weekend for the next month is prom makeovers from the minute we open till about mid afternoon. We are usually booked more than a month ahead so when frantic teenagers are calling a few days ahead to make an appointment we sadly have to tell them there is no more room. But it doesn’t stop them from coming in anyway to try to get squeezed in because they just can’t do it on their own. Which I guess is a compliment to us, but please lets try to make it a little less crazy that day by just doing a few little steps as follows.

#1.  You can show us the picture of your dress but do you really want to match the color exactly?  Bright screaming teal eye shadow or hot pink shadow because thats the color theme of your attire? It’s better to bring a picture to give us an idea of your look because “smoky” eye color to me might mean something totally different to you.

#2. Don’t have an attitude when you come in or take your anger towards your mom out on us. Of course we want you to look jammin’ but if you are a little bit demanding or just plain rude we just might have to step away a little more often to help other customers and you may never get out of there.

#3. Don’t try to text while we are doing your makeup. We need your eyes closed when we are doing your eye shadow. Not squinting and wrinkly so you can read your messages.

#4. And most important. Don’t have your mom hovering over our work and commenting on every little movement. If you have so much to critique……do it yourself.

We love doing prom makeup and making you look drop dead gorgeous. But we love it even more when we get the “nice girls”.

Just a few more weeks and then….oh yeah…..June wedding makeovers!!!  I think I’m beginning to like prom even more.

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