Makeup Stealer and the “Woot Woot Salute”

Unfortunately there are a lot of makeup stealers. Mostly we don’t see them doing it. Sometimes they take testers which to me is so gross. Why take a used lipstick with no cap on it  only to have it dry out and other peoples nasty germs on it. So when they do get caught it’s so exciting because for once they didn’t get away with it.

Take the last girl who looked a little suspicious with her converse running shoes, baseball cap pulled low on her head and three big handled shopping bags as she scoped out the counter and tried to avoid us not wanting any help. You can ask only so many times because they want to be left alone. So as soon as we weren’t looking she swiped 6 eye shadows, a few brushes, and a handful of  pencils just to make it worthwhile. Now we aren’t allowed to confront these shoplifters when it happens but we do have to call LP. Which is short for “loss prevention.” Once they have them on their camera they wait for them to leave the store. They can’t say anything while they are doing it because they might pull it back out and therefore haven’t stolen anything. So once they open that door and walk out security hits the door and they take off running.

When “Miss Shoplifter” opened the door she knew what would happen next and started running as fast as her sneaky little feet could go dropping the two fake bags to throw the heat off her trail. While that didn’t deter security who were still sprinting across the parking lot  she decided to cross the busy street and they had to let her go because if she gets hit by a car it’s their responsibility. Once she crossed the busy intersection and thought she was home free she jumped on the wall, gave her “Woot woot salute” you didn’t catch me and jumped off the wall onto the concrete ground…..and then silence. When she didn’t come back up they ran over to check it out only to find out she knocked herself out unconscious on the cement ground with all the makeup  scattered across the ground next to her motionless body and they swear was a silly grin left on her face. Being the good security guys that they were, they called the ambulance to help her bruised and battered body and ego so she could later be arrested.

I’m guessing they probably found drugs on her too because who would do the “woot woot salute” unless you were totally home free in the privacy of your own home.

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