Crazy Customer of the Day. A little crazy mixed with mad.

Or abbreviated form is CCOTD. Yeah of course we are jam packed when this happens when I see a young 20 something semi cute girl with her older 50 something mom waiting for help and holding bags. Sometimes you can answer a question real quick when you are in the middle of a makeover  so they don’t have to wait. But other times it’s like….(Geez, why did I bother to try to help in between my customer and it turns into a bigger than life thing that requires a little more than a quick answer.

Here we go… Young Customer: I just got my makeup done at another store and spent over $50.00 and I hate it. Can I return it all here?”

Me: No, you have to return it to the store you bought it at. But besides that, you have to make a purchase when you have your makeup done so the only thing they can do for you is exchange it.

Y.C.: But I hate the makeup. I told her natural and it’s too much and I have to meet my fiance’s parents for dinner and ……blah blah blah excuses.

Me: (trying to be nice and understanding even though there are customers 3 people deep) If you want to hang on for a few minutes when I get done helping the people in front of you I will tone it down for you and change it to what you like.

Y.C.: I don’t have time I have to meet them in 1/2 hour.

At this point I don’t know what to say. Sometimes I just have a blank stare.

But you did have time to come to our store to try to return all your cosmetics after you got your free makeover from another store. What you should of done is tell the person who did your makeup how you wanted it changed before you left the store. I can understand if it was a crazy look but it actually did look pretty and natural. I know you know it’s wrong which is why you didn’t bring it back to the place you bought it at. And even thought I could of maybe changed it a little to make you feel better….I ‘m not sure that’s what you really wanted and that was all I could offer.

I’m sure going to a counter and getting gawd-awful makeovers can be another post entirely.

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2 Responses to Crazy Customer of the Day. A little crazy mixed with mad.

  1. anonnickus says:

    Life is so much simpler for those of us in front of the counter. Good post.

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