You want to return what? More bad makeup returns….

Yesterday a customer reached into one of her 10 bags and pulled out an old, used foundation bottle and said she wanted to return it because it “made her break out”. The usual remark for I want my money back because I like to rent cosmetics. No receipt and no box as usual because it would of proven that this was over a year old. So feeling how light it was I opened the lid and tapped it so the foundation covering the top because it was upside down in her bag sunk to the bottom like a rock in quicksand.

I politely said “I’m sorry but this is totally empty”.

To which she replied “No it isn’t”.

When I showed my coworker the empty bottle she said “Yes ma’am it is empty”.

“But it made me break out” she countered  hoping that would just change our mind and say….okay you win. How much money do you want back?

To which I could of  said, “Well maybe if you didn’t use a whole freakin’ bottle in one week when it should last you for maybe a year or so  it wouldn’t of broken you out you crazy ol’ kook!”  Which by the way their skin is always smooth as silk with no breakouts or bumps to back up their story.

But instead I very calmly and politely said “I’m sorry, we can’t take back empty foundations”.

To which she gave me a nasty snarl and grabbed her empty bottle and threw into one of her many shopping bags and stormed away on her 4 inch heels as me and my coworker snickered under our breath giving a silent high five to each other awaiting the next crazy one.

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2 Responses to You want to return what? More bad makeup returns….

  1. Catalina says:

    What if you try it once or twice and you have very sensitive skin or color dosent look good. Should you get yelled at by counter sales person at CVS?

  2. Catalina says:

    Btw this just happened to me today with some wet n wild makeup I bought, the stuff was horrible and crumbled into my eyes

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