Mercury Retrograde and the impact of makeup customers.

I thought the full moon was bad until a fellow associate told me about Mercury Retrograde. Apparently that’s when instead of rotating around the sun forward it kind of goes backward just a little.  Mercury has to do with how we think, communication, concepts and ideas and if it’s in retrograde that all goes haywire. So if you can imagine for a minute customer after customer coming in to try to explain what they need and I am doing my best to understand them as they are confusing me by the minute and I am looking befuddled,  I can only blame it on the dang planet.

One customer wanted to know which brush was good for eye shadow because the one she had wasn’t quite right. When I showed her the two brushes for applying eye shadow on the lid she said, “Oh I all ready have that one and I’m going to return it”. What?  I mean if you all ready have that one I get it. But if you are asking for an eye shadow brush and you say you are going to return what you are asking for? I’m confused.

Right after that a customer asked if we were discontinuing a shade. When I told her no and gave it to her….because she seemed like she wanted it asking me if we had it,  she told me it was the wrong color. Hers was more coppery. I can guaranty we only have one name to a shade and don’t change the colors around. But when I showed her a coppery one she might like she said it was too coppery. I don’t know what to do at that moment. Do I keep pointing out shades only for her to say what she doesn’t like about it or just let her spend her 15 minutes with her friend discussing all the shades and why it’s just not right, not even the one she asked for.  She looked for a little while  longer and left with nothing.

They all seem to fumble on their words and not get out what they are trying to say and I am intently looking at them waiting for the whole sentence to come out, with out me interrupting and predicting  what they are trying to say leaves me only with one thought swirling around in my busy little head………sssshhhhh…….Mercury Retrograde.

Ends September 9th. Yea.

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