What do you like to be called? Ma’am, miss, ladies, honey or girl?

Everyone wants to be called different things and we all approach different customers usually depending on their age how we greet them.

Ma’am sounds a little too formal and makes the customer feel old which you don’t want them to feel at the makeup counter…unless I guess you want them to buy some good skin care and wrinkle creams. Hey…maybe I should think about that. I almost feel like that’s used more in a “yes ma’am” kind of way.

Miss sounds a little old fashioned and someone that is too young.

Honey, depending on where the emphasis is, means different things. When it’s HON-eee, it’s almost like, you better listen up when I tell you this.  If it’s more like a sing song voice then it’s more of a nurturing “I’m the mom” scenario.

“Hi girls” is usually for younger customers. But what age is the cut off age?

And “Hey Grrl” is for the hip girl but no so much for the professional who wants some serious advice.

“Hi Ladies” is always pretty safe unless they are tweens.

But what about “Do you guys need any help?” and they are girls.

Take the poll and voice your opinion.

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2 Responses to What do you like to be called? Ma’am, miss, ladies, honey or girl?

  1. A young girl at the drive-through window called me “sweetheart”, and it made my day.

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