Three makeup questions I hate.

1. “What blush matches my skin tone?”.
If it matched your skin tone it wouldn’t be a blush, it’d be a foundation.

2. “What is your best foundation?”.
I don’t know… The most expensive one? Yeah. One is great and all the other 12 ones we sell are crap.

3. “So if I don’t like it I can return it?”
Well why don’t you just try it on here because that’s what testers are for and then you won’t waste my time or yours, besides the fact of being wasteful because it’s sent back to the manufacturer and then go to the landfill I’m guessing. I get you might be germaphobic, but after we sanitize, wipe, re-sanitize I bet it’s cleaner than any of your makeup sitting at home in your bathroom for 12 months.

Egad, I guess I just had a long day today.

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3 Responses to Three makeup questions I hate.

  1. Jake Sauvage says:

    I get it, ahaha! I was working at a boutique and the lighting was terrible, people would try on the foundation, I would tell them to try a shade lighter because of the lighting, or to try a different shade altogether, of course they wouldn’t…they’d buy the one they liked in a low-light setting and bring it back the next day. It’s like…gosh.

  2. Jake Sauvage says:

    and I’ll defiiitely have to read it because I love your ranting, ahaha! It’s made me smile from ear-to-ear. Thanks for that, lover. 😉

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