3 reasons to not try on a lipstick tester at the makeup counter.

1. It’s gross. 

2. It’s unsanitary.

3. And right before you came to the counter the lady with 4 missing lower teeth just tried on about 10 of those without cleaning them. Oh yeah…..and she had a herpes looking sore on her mouth. 

I knew she wasn’t going to buy anything because she had a piece of paper in her hand and was busily writing each lipstick down. A.k.a. The note taker. They never buy what they are writing down. I don’t know if they are going to have someone buy it with their discount, give the list to their husband or just like to make lists. She then asked me if there were natural ingredients in it. When I offered to give her a lipstick box to read she declined and asked me if I knew of any natural lines with natural ingredients. Really lady? Why don’t you go to the ice cream store and ask for the non-fat ice cream and then ask if there are any weight watchers around. Geez….maybe you should be more concerned with the health of your teeth because I don’t see too many left in your mouth. 

And then of course the…..”what’s the name of that lipstick? K I’ll come back for that”. Oh who are you fooling? No you’re not. And I really kind of hope you don’t! 

So before you try on that cool new lipstick at the makeup counter….think about the toothless lady with the cold sore that was there minutes before you and either skip it or soak it in the alcohol for a good minute or so and wipe down with a tissue a few rounds. 

Happy lipstick testing. 

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