Makeup Hoarders…… the new obsession.

Okay I’ve watched that “Hoarders” show and have seen junk, rats, cats, trash, and even a billion dolls. I haven’t seen all the hoarder shows but I’m sure they could do one on makeup hoarders after I’ve gone to one of my favorite makeup sites and see all the people posting their so called hauls and storage. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and I love the way people organize it all. But does “obsessive compulsive” ring a bell here people?




Granted I have a lot of makeup. But who I work for gives me a lot of makeup for free. I don’t think I’ve bought makeup in years. But many people walk into our store and need the latest, coolest, gotta have it colors to feel good. We know the regulars and they are keeping the economy alive.


I don’t even know what these are. Just amazed at all the tiny rows with all the little tiny bottles hoping there is never an earthquake.




So here’s the deal. Makeup expires. Mostly cream products and liquids. If  they are stored in a cool place maybe longer but in a hot climate not so much. Lipsticks get hard, lip glosses get that waxy crayon smell, nail polishes get gooey and stretchy and creams tend to separate and get grainy. How do I know? It’s happened to me.

This one looks like an organized store and so pretty. But seriously, how can you wear all this makeup in one lifetime? All I can say is at least it keeps me having a job.


So these are the pretty pictures of makeup hoarding. I’m going to leave it to “Hoarders” to show the seamier side of makeup hoarding.


So I want to know. Are you a “mini makeup hoarder” or a “compulsive obsessive out of control makeup hoarder”?

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14 Responses to Makeup Hoarders…… the new obsession.

  1. Qedrin says:

    I am embarrassed to admit I am more of the latter. But, more so for skin care then makeup. I also work at for a cosmetic company and get gratis, but I constantly like to try other lines. I love your blog so much! Thanks for writing it. Makes me laugh!

  2. Qedrin says:

    Oh can I ever. My coworkers all sat down together and read your blog and laughed our asses off! You said everything on our mind. I just love it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m a little saddened on this post. I am one of these people who hoard makeup as you say – however I chuck things out when they have gone off and I am well aware that the products expire. What I don’t understand is why you stole a Specktra members images for the post as well as mocking the same people who keep you in a job. Some people feel embarrassed when they buy lots from MAC and such and I never understood why – now I do because sadly you are judging them.

    • makingup3000 says:

      Actually I’m best at poking fun at myself, because I am too a makeup hoarder of sorts. I could join the “MAA” club. Makeup addicts anonymous. I love makeup which is why I work there and am just as obsessed with every new thing that comes out. And yes, I know they keep me in my job but this blog is just meant to have fun and be lighthearted with my stressful days at work.

  4. candygirl says:

    Funny blog. Yeah, I’m a makeup hoarder too. I can’t help myself. And a lot of my stuff I have to throw out after while but I just like to get the newest stuff. It sucks me in when I go to the stores.

  5. That is scary! I am not a makeup hoarder, I am happy to say. Clothes, however, are a different story…

    • makingup3000 says:

      Makeup has expiration dates and can go bad. Clothes on the other hand just go out of style. I think I am also guilty of hanging on to some things I should of let go a long time ago for various reasons haha.

  6. Anne Smith says:

    Wow, that is a LOT of cosmetics! I know some people have collections of things, but that’s by far one of the more unusual hordes I’ve seen!

  7. Marge says:

    I have been colecting cosmetics since I was around 12 years old. I have never thrown much out even if it is expired. I know it cannot be used however, the example of formula evolvement and packageing and “hype” shows continuity. I have hair decorations and other do das as well. I used to be fastidious about organization however, I have been extreemly ill for the last several years and a little on the broke side so it has gotten a little out of hand. I now need to get it all back in to shape. I am open to suggestions for organization since it has been quite a while. I am not interested in thinning out the heard so to speek but I have been generous thru my life and cannot say no to a friend in need and have been know to make up many goodie boxes packed to the top. Every so often I have done this for a needy stranger also I only buy the cosmetics to make me happy and a smile from anyone who is down does that twice once when I make my purchace and once when I see the face of a woman who has no clue about make up receive excatly what she needs. I am heading out to purchase some tackle boxes and 2 plastic drawers the biggest I can find and I guess I will start from there. Did I mention that I have a room full of clothes that I can hardly turn around in? I will be working on that too. Luckly my Mother helped me with that we took out 2 industrial sized trash bags of clothes that were too big for me. It’s a start and if I can do it
    Any One Can!!!

    PS Please feel free to send any tips you have for organizing cosmetics I really need help to put them away so they are user friendly, The ones for collection only do not matter so much.
    Best regards.

    • makingup3000 says:

      I love those clear fishing tackle boxes for storing. Then I can see it. But then I think…. If I’m storing it, is it too much? I love that you give some to friends. I do too and they get so excited. Even if it is gently used haha.

  8. amela says:

    Yes you are a hoarder..too much

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